Why Stories?

The Power of Stories

In a way that no lecture can, stories make solutions understandable, familiar, and desirable, because stories help us imagine the possibilities of daily life with those solutions in place. 


With engaging and entertaining stories, we can open imaginations to how great the world could be, and the steps needed to get there. 


By building understanding, familiarity, and desire for attainable possibilities, solutions-inspired stories can build public support for real-life legislation, actions, reforms, and implementation. 


If we can Imagine it, we can Build it, and then we can Live it.

Stories have The unique power to:

Open Imaginations

Lower Defenses

Build Hope


Inspire Action

Speed the Pace of Change

World Builders Institute (WBI) develops entertainment that deepens public understanding of global solutions. Utilizing the power of stories, WBI works to increase the pace and depth of public support, engagement, and hope.

Using our 6 program building blocks, we’re bringing social and environmental thought-leaders together with teams of creatives, producers, and publishers for a 2-year, Inspiration-to-Distribution arc, supporting projects in all genres and mediums: TV, film, theater, books, and video games.

Why These Stories are Needed

Humanity is in the throes of apocalyptic ideation. Whether it’s war, climate disaster, oppression, or plagues, a sense of inevitable collapse has become prevalent.  


Many artists have done the laudable work of raising awareness about the issues we face and the potential outcomes if we don’t correct course.


While raising awareness about issues is still necessary, we have very few narratives that show humanity getting it together before we burn the world to the ground. 


The result: apocalypse, violence, and collapse have become normalized to the point that no other future seems imaginable.

If we can Imagine it, we can Build it, and then we can Live it.


Informed solutions exist for nearly all global issues, but the complexities are mostly known to activists, thought leaders, and lawmakers. What we hear are mostly sound bites and slogans. In the absence of deeper understanding, fear-mongers are able to twist the meaning of those sound bites and obstruct progress.


Change-makers spend the majority of their time working to educate, counter misinformation, and build public support.


Even when educated, we lack the collective will to make needed changes.


As a result, the pace of change is excruciatingly slow.

The Solution is Simple

World Builders Institute will bring Thought Leaders together with teams of Creatives and Decision Makers to create and disseminate engaging stories that normalize solutions for global issues.

Together we will:

Transition from despair to hopeful visioning

Learn informed solutions

Create solutions-inspired stories

Support stories from inspiration to mass distribution

Provide a hub for audience learning & action

With the power of stories, we're building the peaceful, equitable, sustainable world that's within our reach