Our Coalition

What is the World Building Council?

World Builders Institute (WBI) is centered around a large, multi-sector, volunteer coalition: the World Building Council.


Coalition members don’t have any legal responsibility for the organization, and there are no meetings. We only ask that members endorse this work by allowing us to publicly include their name as part of the World Building Council.

Optionally, members can:

Receive funding to contribute to the Wheel of Possibilities

Nominate writers and industry professionals to participate on Teams

Receive funding to participate in Retreats

Provide feedback or expertise during occasional conversations or emails

Make connections to their networks

Participate on commissioned Teams

Having a robust Coalition will enable WBI to:

Create programs based on expert input

Ensure the stories created are representative, engaging, and widely seen

Build a base of partners who can receive funding to participate in programs as Thought Leaders, Artists, or Industry Decision Makers 

Demonstrate the strong community support and far-reaching expertise needed for funding and distribution

Join the World Building Council

Thank you for your interest in WBI’s volunteer coalition, the World Building Council— one of six easy actions you can take to launch this world building movement!


Please use this form to endorse this change-making work with your name, and check any other participation options that interest you. Thank you!

Add Your Name to Make a World of Difference!

If you checked any of the bottom 3 options, we'll be in touch to set up a time to talk. Thank you!!


A huge shoutout of thanks to WBI’s founding World Building Council members! We have received the incredible gift of over 100-hours of one-on-one input from founding members of the coalition. To each and every one of you: your expertise has been invaluable to WBI’s program design during our start-up phase. Thank you! 


As we enter our Beta phase, we look forward to working with new or existing coalition members who would like to provide input for: the Wheel of Possibilities, our finalized branding, nominating & choosing the inaugural project Teams, and our press launch this fall!

Together we’re building a world of possibilities!

World Building Council Members


Liz Duffy Adams



Laura Atkins


Author, editor & founder of Manzanita Children’s Book Community

Skylar Adams


Actor & Teaching Artist

Mary Baird


Theatre Artist

Alice Bevan


Tax Advisor

Jessica Bird Beza


Executive Artistic Director, Playwrights Foundation

James Carpenter

Theatre Artist

Paul Cello


Organizational Development Consultant & Theatre Artist

David Chen


Co-Founder, Critical Wit video games

Jodi Cobalt

Chief of Operations, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Kelsey Cole


Administrative Professional

Patricia Cotter



Christy Dena


Narrative Design Activist, Director at Universe Creation 101

Ann-Marie Dittmann


Patrick Dooley


Artistic Director, Shotgun Players

Carolyn Doyle


Actor, Writer, & Advocate


Philip Farmer


Michael Feldman


Dramaturg & Creator of Theatre & Policy Salon

Rosana Francescato


Communications Consultant

Patty Gallagher


Professor of Theatre Arts, UC Santa Cruz

Jerome Gentes


Executive Director, TigerBear Productions

Garret Jon Groenveld

Poet & Playwright

Scott Horstein


Dramaturg & Professor of Theatre Arts, Sonoma State University

Josh Kornbluth


Writer & Performer

Brady Lea


Teaching Artist

Michele Apriña Leavy


Theatre Artist & Arts Educator at UC Davis

Liz Lisle


Theatre Managing Director 

Aaron Loeb


Game Executive, Designer, Playwright

Jane Loeb


Educational Psychologist and Professor

Peter Loeb



Karen Lovaas


College Professor

Catherine Luedtke


Theatre Artist


Stacie Ma'a

President, Gerbode Foundation

Janine Macbeth

Publisher, Blood Orange Press

Jeff Mattas


Co-Founder, Critical Wit video games

Kelly McCullough

Author & Elected Official

Laura McCullough


Professor of Physics & Elected Official

Susan McCully



Julia McNeal


Actor, Author, & Teacher

Christopher Morrison


Founder of Reality+, Writer, Narrative Designer

Amy Mueller


Independent Producer

Christen Muir


Performing artist, Office Admin, Mother, & Poet

Andrew Jordan Nance


Author & Founder of Mindful Arts San Francisco

Sumi Narendran



Julia Norton

Voiceover Actress

Michael Norton-Lindsay


Senior Software Engineer, HelloSign

Rebecca Novick


Theater director and arts consultant


Megan O'Lanen

Visual Artist

Doyle Ott

Dramaturg, Director, & Theatre Professor

Sierra Ott


Student and Literary Editor

Evelyn Jean Pine



Ben Pothecary



Tiiu Rebane


Arts Administrator & Artist

Geetha Reddy



Ginny Reed

Theatre Director & Educator

Cathleen Riddley


Theatre Artist & ASL Interpreter

Kathy Roberts


Human Rights Attorney & Co-founder of Partners in Justice International

Stacy Ross




Julie Saltzman Kellner


Nonprofit Finance Director

Diane Sampson


Playwright & Lyricist

M. Graham Smith


Director, Producer, Educator, & Dramaturg

Lauren Spencer

Community Thought Leader & Actor

Taage Storey


Writer & Narrative Designer

Tom Swift

Writer & Financial Advisor

Dave Toole

Social Capitalist

Panagiotis Tzannetakis


Consultant to Nonprofit Organizations

Tor Valenza

Author & Podcaster

Liam Vincent


Associate Lead Director, The Magic Theatre

Douglas Weissman



Maggie Whitaker


Costume Designer, Member USA829

Thank you!

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