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The Basics of a WBI Story

World Builders Institute (WBI) will support stories in all genres and narrative-based mediums – TV, film, theater, books, interactive stories, video games, etc.

WBI stories will be created using 3 basic tenets: 

Open imaginations to achievable or aspirational solutions and their impacts on daily life

Show humanity getting it together before we go off a cliff

Include achievable actions that individuals can take – within the action of the story, and/or as links, notes, or guides

Stories might show:

The Path to Solutions

Example: The Ministry for the Future, by Kim Stanley Robinson

Implementation in Action

Example: A courtroom drama that follows the clerks involved in the U.S. Truth & Reconciliation and Reparations trials

Solutions Already in Place

Example: Star Trek, by Gene Roddenberry

What is a World Building Story?

Imagine a Possible WBI Story
A Courtroom Drama
Follow the lives and romances of the young clerks involved in the U.S. Truth & Reconciliation trials and Reparations process. Think: Suits + The Good Fight meet The Hague. Seeing this important solution dramatized can make it understandable and familiar, leading to real-life implementation.
Imagine a Possible WBI Story
A Road Trip Buddy Comedy
Two old friends take a cross-country road trip in an electric car, and each time they stop to recharge, hijinks ensue! This story lets the audience experience an easy, climate-stable world with all charging infrastructure in place and fully regenerative resources.
A Story that Changed the World
Will & Grace
With tremendous humor and joy, WILL & GRACE, created by David Kohand and Max Mutchnick, paved the way for Marriage Equality! Then Vice President, Joe Biden, cited this show specifically as influencing his decision to support Marriage Equality legislation.
A Story that changed the world
Star Trek
Created by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek is the perfect example of changing the world by sparking imaginations. Star Trek’s vision for humanity opened vistas of social, ecological, and technological possibilities for countless people.
A Story that's Changing the World
Musu's Diary
After 14 years of civil wars, MUSU'S DIARY, a Liberian cartoon by Civitas Maxima is building hope for a healed and prosperous future in Liberia by humanizing the transition, educating people about the justice being achieved in war crimes cases, and giving people concrete actions they can take.
A Story that's Changing the World
The Ministry for the Future
In Kim Stanley Robinson’s brilliant novel, a governmental Ministry for the Future is established in 2025 to, “advocate for the world’s future generations and to protect all living creatures, present and future.” The reader experiences how solutions could be implemented and what life could be like with those solutions in place.
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