Spring 2023 Newsletter: Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to the First-Ever World Builders Institute Newsletter!

Hello! We’re very excited to share our work with you. We hope you’ll feel inspired to learn more and help launch this positive, world-changing movement! 

What we're doing and why

“The fear that we’re headed for a cliff puts most of us into a state of paralysis. The truth is, I’ve given up, and the odds are, so have you. 

But what if there was another path?”


Woody Harrelson, Kiss The Ground, 2020

World Builders Institute is building that other path!

from Co-Founder and C.E.O., Gwen Loeb

For as long as I can remember, I’ve found myself alternately heartbroken, angry, frustrated, and/or overwhelmed by the social and environmental issues plaguing our world. In the last several years, that feeling has been compounded by an onslaught of news, movies, tv, books, and plays that were clearly meant to raise awareness about the urgency and horrors of the many crucial issues we face, but those stories all used the same tool to get my attention: fear. It was effective! To a point. Those stories left me on high alert, searching for constructive actions I could take, but the fear eventually turned to paralysis and a hope that someone, somewhere, would fix it all. 

Any of that sound familiar?

The great news is, those “someone, somewhere” Thought Leaders have already created meticulously crafted solutions for nearly all global issues! We just need to deepen public understanding in order to build support and get them done!

Solnit Bioneers

“You win the public imagination battle, which leads to legislation,

which leads to real stuff on the ground.”

Rebecca Solnit, Keynote address, Bioneers 2023

Solutions inspired Stories are the answer! 

Using our 6 Program Building Blocks, crafted with over 100 hours of expert advice from WBI’s founding coalition members, we’re bringing Thought Leaders together with Writers, Collaborators, and entertainment Decision Makers to create and disseminate engaging stories in all genres and mediums.

Stories have the unique power to:

Open Imaginations

Lower Defenses

Build Hope


Inspire Action

Speed the Pace of Change

Ways to Get Involved

Our website has quick and easy actions you can take to help us speed the pace of hopeful change!

Here are  3 actions you can take today.

Add Your Name to the World Building Council

You can make a world of difference by simply endorsing this work!


World Builders Institute (WBI) is centered around a large, multi-sector, volunteer coalition, the World Building Council. Coalition members don’t have any legal responsibility for the organization, and there are no meetings


We only ask that members endorse this work by allowing us to publicly include their name as part of the Council. Coalition members also have the option to provide input and participate in programs!

Grow the Network

Please Like & Share on Social Media! 


This action won’t take you long, but it can make this work soar!

Power this movement

Please donate if you’re able.


These stories need to be seen as soon as possible, but they must be engaging to be effective. This timely effort will require funding to pay artists, thought leaders, and industry professionals at the top of their game. 


If you’re able, please be the sunshine in our solar panels by giving to the greatest extent of your capacity.

Your gifts are tax-deductible and will go directly to: nonprofit and community thought leaders who will share their informed solutions, to our work building the solutions-filled Wheel of Possibilities, and to the artists who will create books, movies, TV shows, video games, and plays that normalize informed solutions — leading to real life implementation.

Our Founding & Beta Launch

WBI’s co-founder and C.E.O., Gwen Loeb, first began dreaming of World Builders over a decade ago. As a leader of environmental and social justice nonprofits, she experienced the endless struggle to move informed solutions beyond the perception of “lunatic fringe” and into mainstream implementation. Simultaneously, as an actress and avid lover of narrative, Gwen knows the profound impact that stories have on audiences. 


On January 17, Gwen and her cousin Julia Shirley-Quirk launched the start-up phase of World Builders Institute! Together with a broad coalition of collaborators, they began building this path to a better world!

During our Beta Phase, we’re seeking collaborators, community members, luminaries, and leaders who believe in this vision and would like to assist with advice, funds, network expansion, and/or program participation.


Please help launch this change-making movement by sharing your spotlight, your expertise, or your passion for change. Simply adding your name to the World Building Council can make a world of difference. 

Welcome to Beta and Beyond!

TODAY, May 18, World Builders Institute moved into its Beta Phase, going public with a full website, marketing launch, and — thanks to over 100 hours of generous, one-on-one, expert advice from WBI’s founding coalition members — completed programs and plans for the first 5 years!

Huge Thanks!

We are so deeply grateful to our founding Council members, donors, and partners!


Since January 17, over 30 people have taken the time to give expert input on our program design, and endorsed this work by becoming inaugural members of our volunteer coalition, the World Building Council. Their invaluable expertise has ensured the kind of thoughtful, 360-degree program development that can only come from collaboration. Thank you! 


Of course, we never could have launched without the generosity of our start-up donors who believed in this vision. We wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you so much for helping us launch this dream! 

While we focus on our first rounds of solution-inspired stories, we’re thrilled to have the partnership and support of Creative Visions Foundation as WBI’s fiscal sponsor. The people at Creative Visions are genuinely some of the nicest on the planet, and our work is very closely aligned. 


Thank you, Creative Visions, for welcoming World Builders Institute into your network of creative activists. We’re over the moon to be building this change with you!

Creative Visions Foundation

Thank you for taking this time to learn about World Builders Institute. We hope you’ll join in this movement to launch these world changing stories!

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